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What are Lift Point Covers? 

Lift point covers are your personal defense mechanism and key to maintaining a good work environment in or around your shipping containers. Without them you can expect birds nests, rust/mold, wasps, snakes, and other vermin to migrate to its tight and secure location. 

Birds nests in corner castings
Corner casting with Lift Point covers installed

Why Do I need them?

The desire to maintain a neat appearance along with the temporary installation makes them ideal for containers that may not be in place for a long time. 

Many shipping containers are placed in areas with extreme weather and will likely degrade the corners integrity before needing to move again. We need to retain this strength to be successful in its relocation. 

Having a safe work environment is paramount in the success of any operation. 

"For the sake of increased transparency and product knowledge we thought it would be nice to pass along this information ." 


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