Lift Point covers are silicone plugs for the corner fittings of intermodal shipping containers.  



Without lift point covers  

  • Birds nesting in the corner fittings

  • Compact nests allow moisture to accumulate

  • Causing corrosion, unnecssary paint applications and unsightly appearances. 

With lift point covers

  • Safe birds, no more nests

  • Corner castings retain their integrity

  • Simple installation and removal

  • Affordable and durable silicone 

  • Paintable 

New Product Update!!!

Solar powered security lights are currently being prototyped. I am working on developing a powerful and efficient solar powered lighting system that will use the original silicone covers. Fit snugly inside the corner casting holes and weatherproof. I hope to open them up for sales by the end of 2020. Email me any inquiries you have. I will be looking for investors and possible licensing deals soon.  


  The shipping container industry is a multifaceted, billion dollar industry that strings all around the world. It started as an efficient way of shipping by sea and train, but is now used in areas such as military and disaster relief housing, modular style shipping container homes, hotels, storage facilities, and many more. Lift Point Products aims to relieve multiple hazards that these containers present. For example, using containers in disaster relief and retail areas where sanitation is a primary concern, the injection molded silicone covers protect these structures from critters that pose various health concerns. If the container you are using gets moved frequently, it's wise to maintain the integrity of your corner casting because it sustains 80% of the load if stacked upon. Keeping your covers on when not in use will minimize standing moisture and corrosion. Whatever your method of covering the corner castings, we need to realize the potential that each one of these Corten steel boxes possess. Lets build things together. 

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