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Without Lift Point Covers  

  • Birds and other rodents living in the corner fittings

  • Compact nests soak up moisture creating mold and rust

  • Unnecessary paint applications and unsightly appearances

Birds nests in corner castings
Corner casting with Lift Point covers installed

With Lift Point Covers  

  • ​Clean and neat appearance

  • Corners are covered to keep birds out

  • Corner castings retain their integrity

  • Useful as bump-stops when emplacing two containers side by side

top right corner 

instruction pic.png

Did you know that animals are commonly found in the corners of shipping containers all over the world? 

Bird's nests are known to contain mites, parasites, ticks, and other pests. Snakes and mice can also creep into the corner fittings.

Corner fittings are also called a corner castings which are a very important part of the container. It is not only the key connection point between the posts, sides and top, but also a vital part when lifting or moving the container.

#liftpointcovers are designed to withstand the toughest environments on Earth. Made from silicone, a product that is known for its strong, flexible and heat resistant properties, can be  recycled and reused in other products made around the world. 



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Modern Architecture

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