Without Lift Point covers  

  • Birds nests in the corner fittings

  • Compact nests soak up moisture creating mold and rust

  • Causing unnecessary paint applications and unsightly appearances. 

With Lift Point covers

  • Corner castings retain their integrity

  • Simple installation and removal

  • Affordable and durable silicone rubber 

  • Paintable 

#liftpointcovers are made of a durable silicone rubber elastomer meant to be aesthetically pleasing, while providing protection from environmental degradation. With proper disposal our covers can be recycled to become industrial grade silicone fluids. 


There is an estimated 17 million shipping containers in circulation around the world with more being built every day. By doing a simple online search you would see that many shipping containers are being repurposed for homes, hotels, retail, clinics and emergency shelters. Some of which are temporary, and these customers tend to rely heavily on the aesthetic appeal while keeping the corners free of rust. Some have a high regard for sanitation which makes them useful during times when there is a high volume of bird traffic. 


Solar powered security lights are currently being prototyped. We are working on developing a powerful and efficient solar powered lighting system that will use the original silicone covers, fit snugly inside the corner casting holes, and weatherproof. Email any inquiries you may have. 

Orders placed will be delivered by January 31, 2021

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